BOESL Korea Lottery 2022 Registration –

BOESL Korea Lottery 2022 Registration. Today we are here with you with a very important post. We know that every year several people are taken from Bangladesh to South Korea. There are two methods of recruiting people in South Korea, firstly, candidates who know Korean are recruited randomly, and those who do not know Korean are recruited to South Korea through a lottery. The South Korea Lottery application process has already started and will continue until August 28, 29 and 30.

We have noticed that many people have asked about South Korea Lottery application rules and eligibility since the online application process started. So in today’s post we will try to share with you how to apply online for South Korea Lottery in detail. So if you are a candidate of South Korea Lottery then definitely read the entire post carefully and do your family application.

South Korea Lottery Circular 2022

South Korea Lottery Notification Released On 17 August 2022 South Korea Lottery Notification has been released through two agencies under Ministry of Expatriate Welfare of Bangladesh, one is Boesl and another is BMIT. According to the said lottery, the dates are fixed from 28th August till 30th August and after that the results will be published on 31st August.

Like every year this year also South Korea Lottery news is published by Boesl and BMET. So those who will apply for the South Korean lottery can apply from 28 August 2022 at 10 am to 30 August 2022 in which case the application can be applied up to 5 pm. The result will be declared on August 31 at 12 noon. And what qualification is required for this application and what physical qualification is required, we have presented in detail below, moreover, you can contact us and know in detail through this website.

What is South Korea Lottery?

Every year, a certain number of South Koreans from relatively underdeveloped countries of South Asia including Bangladesh are allowed to work in their country. The special application form they have to fill to do this is the lottery. That is, at a certain time of the year, an online application form has to be filled, among which a certain number of young people who fill the application form are taken to South Korea through various skill checks.

Those who know the South Korean language do not have to apply through the lottery. But for those who do not know the South Korean language, there is a lottery system. Below we will discuss South Korea Lottery 2022 in detail.

South Korea Lottery Application Date

South Korea lottery application date is announced on its website at a certain time every year. Last August 17, the official website announced the application date. The application dates are detailed.

    • South Korea Lottery Notice Released 17 August 2022
    • Application starts on 28 August 2022
    • Last date of application is 30th August 2022
    • The result will be published on 31 August 2022
    • The second step exam will start from 21 September 2022 to 29 September 2022.
    • Applicant’s age limit should be between 29 August 1982 to 28 August 2004.

BOESL Korea Lottery 2022 Registration -

South Korea Lottery Application Rules 2022

South Korea Lottery application starts from August 28th. This application process will continue till 28th, 29th and 30th of August. Online application can be completed by directly visiting this link Many unemployed young brothers eagerly wait for this Korea lottery. Since the 2022 South Korea Lottery application has started, many people have asked about the South Korea Lottery application rules on the Internet. So we will now share with you step by step Korea Lottery Application Rules.

      • First of all you need to login to website to apply.
      • After entering the website you will see an option to download an application form.
      • Download the form by clicking on the download button.
      • You have to fill the application form properly and submit it.
      • After submitting the application form you will be given several information in which you have to fill your
      • personal information step by step.
      • Finally click on submit button.

South Korean lottery application eligibility?

Before applying we should know about the eligibility of application. Date of birth of the applicant, 25th March 1979 to 24th March 2001 Bose Tui. No person convicted by a court can apply. Individuals who have been deported for illegally staying in Korea cannot apply.

Those who have been sentenced to prison terms and fines or penalties while in Korea cannot apply. Persons who are not banned by Bangladesh from traveling abroad can go. Must be proficient in Korean language Among them you are told who can go and who can not go. But those of you who want to apply must apply knowing that it will be better.

      • Applicant must have completed 18 years
      • A must have a passport
      • Bangladesh Government registered NID card
      • Physical qualification as per above notification
      • Educational qualification required
      • No prison sentences or fines while in South Korea
      • There is no ban on foreign travel
      • Must be proficient in Korean language

BOESL South Korea Lottery 2022

Lottery Result 2022 Korea If more than 8000 candidates are registered after completion of initial registration, candidates will be selected for final EPS-TOPIK-CBT registration through lottery on 19th March 2022 after 12 noon. And after giving the result you have to appear there with necessary documents and the result notice will be published on main website of Boesl also you can check from where we have published the result below.

When will the South Korea lottery be held?

Currently South Korea Lottery Notification is already published that was 31 August 2022 and later on as soon as any new update comes we will present it through this website hopefully you can know the whole thing in detail. Moreover, I have discussed in detail the rules of what qualification is required for South Africa and where to learn the language through this content.

Many people are in doubt about when the South Korea lottery will be held. South Korea’s lottery is slated to be relaunched in 2022. Those who applied after 2020 will publish the result on 19 March 2022 at 12 noon. It will be known there when they will give the next lottery date. So keep an eye on our website as soon as the date is released we will publish it here.

Last Word

Thank you very much for reading the complete post on today’s South Korea Lottery 2022 Application Rules and Eligibility. In today’s post, we have tried to explain Korea Lottery application rules in detail. Hope you have successfully applied EPS Korea Lottery by following the procedure we have shown. So if you like this post then please share it with everyone.