Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes…

Today we talk about Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment & Causes. You are all hearing of a virus in the current Corona epidemic. And that is, Mucormycosis or Black Fungus. Today we talk about Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment & Causes.

The number of coronary heart disease patients in India is increasing day by day. But many of us may or may not know what this black fungus is and why it is affecting us at this time. Moreover, why this black fungus see more during this time. Let’s learn about Mucormycosis or Black Fungus infection through today’s article. For this you must watch the whole article carefully.

What is this Mucormycosis or Black Fungus infection and what are its effects?

For those of you who are watching this article right now, I’m sure you already know about Black Fungus on various news outlets, Facebook and YouTube. Everyone there is saying that the current epidemic has ruined our lives. This new disease reappeared. And how to avoid this disease. At present these thoughts have made us think a lot. Many people are afraid that they too may get black fungus.

The reports we have seen in the media or on YouTube, the idea we have about black fungus is very frightening. And that’s why we’re all afraid of the black fungus. If you infected with black fungus, you do not know how to know if you infected with black fungus and what symptoms you may have if it is.

To find out about mucormycosis or black fungus, we first need to know if it is a new disease. The answer is no. This is not a new disease. Rather, it is a fungus and is called a fungus. As you would see on a neglected brick wall. If the house stays a few days later, there are some black spots left. Where it is also a type of fungus.

Although the black spots on the walls are not mucormycosis or black fungus, they are a type of fungus. Similarly, if you leave a food for a long time, it will have black or white spots on it. Where these spots and a kind of fungus in food. These food fungi are called Rhizopus fungus. There is a similar fungus, Mucormycosis or Black Fungus.

Although we call this fungus black fungus in our mouth language, it is not black. Rather, the color of this fungus is white. However, this black fungus infects all parts of the body with black spots. This is because the black fungus infects the area, killing the cells in that area, and the area becomes black because the cells die. And because these black spots fall off, we call it black fungus.

Where does the black fungus live or how does it spread?

Black Fungus
Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Mucormycosis or black fungus can be present in the soil or in the air. Where you are currently sitting, there may also be black fungus in the air or on the ground. And here comes the question, if you have black fungus around you, why isn’t this fungus attacking you? Where this question is not a trivial matter that comes to mind. Because we have black fungus around us, but it is not attacking us.

The reason you don’t get infect with black fungus is because your body’s immune system is much higher. The body of a person whose immune system is very high, will not be able to infect this black fungus. However, if one’s body’s immune system weakened, it can immediately infected with black fungus. And that is why we can take it as Opportunistic Disease. However, not only in the case of this disease, but in the case of all diseases.

If for some reason the body’s immune system is weakened, then all other diseases are more likely to affect the body. If the body is weak or becomes ill for any reason, then other diseases easily attack the body and the body becomes more weak. In the same way, this black fungus infects the body due to an illness or a decrease in the body’s immunity. In this case, this black fungus can infect your body only when your body gives it a chance to infect. But if your body’s immune system is right, it will not be able to infect your body in any way.

Who is more likely to get this black fungus infection disease?

We need to know who is more likely to be infected with this black fungus. Those who are most likely to be infected with this black fungus have a much lower immune system. For example, those who have HIV or AIDS, cancer patients, etc. are at risk of developing Mucormycosis or Black Fungus. We may see in India lately that those who affected by Karna are also affected by Black Fungus later on. In this case, whether the person infected with corona or not, he is still likely to be infected with black fungus.

Since a person infected with coronavirus is already immune to the disease and has contracted the virus, he or she is more likely to be infected with the fungus. If the person develops corona, they are more likely to develop black fungus later in life. However, the surprising thing here is that about 95% of the people who are currently infected with this black fungus are diabetic. Or they may have misused steroids. Here are the two things you need to understand properly.

If all of these patients have coronary heart disease and diabetes, and if they have coronary heart disease. And if steroids gave there for treatment, the chances of getting infected with this fungus later are much higher. Now many of you may be wondering, what are these steroids? That’s why I’m making it a little easier for you below.

What are steroids?

We all know that the human body has an immune system. If the germs of any disease enter the human body from outside, then the body’s immune system tries its best to prevent it. When a virus or parasite tries to infect the body from the outside, the body builds up the immune system to fight off the virus and this activates the body’s immune system. However, there is a limit to the body’s ability to activate this immune system. If for some reason the body’s immune system becomes too active to prevent disease, then the obstacle is the danger.

If the body’s immune system becomes too active to fight disease, then inflammation begins. Instead of killing the virus to prevent disease in the body, it kills other cells in the body. In order to prevent the infection, the healthy cells of the body damaged. And this is happening in the case of corona patients. And because of this more active immune system, cytokine storm is appearing.

Black Fungus
Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Steroids use to control the body’s abnormal immune system and bring it back to normal. Physicians use these steroids to protect the body’s healthy cells.

Let’s move on to the main topic.

Those who have abused this steroid in treatment; That is, those who have used the drug without a doctor’s advice are more likely to have the infection. But now another question may come up, why diabetic patients among the patients infected with this fungus? This is because when a corona patient has diabetes and when he takes steroids for corona, his blood sugar level rises a lot. And then a suitable environment is created for the body of those patients to be infected with black fungus.

What are the Black Fungus Infection Symptoms and how to avoid it?

The sooner you catch the disease, the better your chances of surviving it. Because after infected with this fungus, there is a 50% chance of survival and a 50% chance of death. If you find out very quickly after infected with this fungus, you will be just as well because you get treatment very quickly. Therefore, it is very important for us to know how we can know in advance.

Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection:

Suppose at first, you had a corona and after recovering from the corona your body was slowly returning to its previous position. However, if you have pain in one side of your head at this time, you need to be careful beforehand. Because if you see someone in the first stage of this disease, then he will look very normal. In this case, you do not even know if you or someone next to you are showing symptoms of this disease. So in this case you should be careful in advance.

In addition, as a symptom of this disease, the feeling on one side of your head or mouth will feel less. That way, if you touch or you touch, you will feel less than usual. You may also feel that the teeth on one side of your mouth are hurting or the teeth on one side are loose. Symptoms include nasal congestion and black or brown runny nose. Besides, it will be very difficult to breathe during this time.

In addition, blood or any other fluid mixed with blood may come out of the nose. In addition, one side of the face may swollen. Symptoms of the disease or this disease first starts from the nose and mouth. Then gradually the disease will start to affect the eyes. When it finally goes to the brain, the patient’s chances of survival greatly reduced.

When it strikes the eye, the eyes become swollen and the upper eyelids droop, or an object looks double, it also burns the eyes, it reduces the eyesight, and when you roll your eyes, it seems that the eye movement is not going well. Consult a doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms. If these symptoms appear, do not delay at all. Because this infection spreads very fast. Even in a day it can get out of control.

Significant symptoms after infected with Mucormycosis or Black Fungus are blackening of the gums, bleeding with the phlegm, even vomiting of blood, as well as neck pain and black spots on various parts of the body.

And for this you should notice your symptoms and if this is the case, you must consult a doctor. Here is one more thing you need to say. It is not possible to treat black fungus in a small clinic. Because when it is attacked by black fungus, it affects different parts of the body. Where a small clinic cannot have separate doctors for different organs.

It takes a team of doctors to treat a person infected with black fungus. In this case, the eye doctor, nose and ear doctor, a pathologist, a microbiologist, a neurosurgeon for that person. In this way, it takes a whole team to treat a patient infected with black fungus. Thus, it is not possible to treat a person with this disease in a small clinic. Hope you understand.

Since coronary artery black fungus is more common in patients with diabetes, you must check your body’s sugar level if you have diabetes. With that you always have to be careful. Only a doctor can tell you what to do after infected with black fungus and what your treatment will be. I can’t say what your treatment will infected with black fungus. Since I don’t know about medical procedures or I’m not a doctor. But I can only tell you that you must be careful in your daily routine.

You will look at your symptoms and consult your doctor accordingly. Also, I would say that if you have not yet contracted corona, try to return to the hygiene rules and pray to God to save you from these dangers. Only God can tell what is in your destiny.

Mucormycosis or black fungus is not a common fungus at all. It is deadly harmful to the human body and a deadly disorder for humans. If it infects a healthy person, the chances of his death are much higher. However, if the doctor’s advice can take from the beginning, then maybe the patient can save. Here survival and non-survival is in the hands of the Creator.

When the human body’s immune system weakened, various diseases take root in the human body. Then it can easily infect different viruses. Because at that time the body’s immune system cannot deal with these viruses coming from outside properly. And if the body’s immune system becomes too active again, there is still danger. Because it can kill the healthy cells of the body.

I hope you find out more about black fungus. If you find today’s article informative, you can share it with your friends to let them know. So that they too can know the details about this black fungus infection.