Best Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps in 2021

Today I will inform about 5 Best Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps in 2021. Now we all use broadband internet or Wi-Fi instead. Again, there are many who use mobile data and the Internet. However, when using the internet with Wi-Fi or mobile data, you have to face some problems due to speed or we are. In this case, you need to know whether the specified speed you are getting is available. Or whether the telecom is giving you full speed in case of mobile data. Do you want to know exactly how much Wi-Fi speed your phone has?

The Android apps mentioned in today’s tune will help you find it. This way you can first check all the details of internet speed from your mobile and then inform your ISP or internet service provider. In this case, you may not have to read about the problem of speed.

Many times even with high speed internet connection your internet speed may be a bit slow due to any problem. Are you tired of wondering if the Wi-Fi internet connection you have is getting the right speed? From now on you don’t have to be tired anymore. In this case, whenever our internet speed becomes very slow or the video continues to buffer. You no longer have to call the Wi-Fi service provider. For this, first of all, you can check the speed of your WiFi or Internet with the help of Android app in your hand.

In order to easily find out all the details of your internet speed, I have made a list of some reliable and easy-to-use Wi-Fi speed test apps in today’s tune. Apps you can start using today.

Let’s take a look at Best Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps in 2021.

1. Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla With this app you can identify the speed of download speed, ping and upload speed on your mobile. In this case, when you get low internet speed, you can share this information taken from the app with your internet service provider. In this case, you can give him a real picture of your internet speed. And it will be very easy for me to catch your ISP problem and give me a quick solution.

You can also test your video streaming experience with this internet connection through this app. Speedtest by Ookla is a great app to test the experience of video streaming. This app plays a few video clips to test the quality of the video on your network. In this case you can see what the quality of the video is according to your network quality and what percentage of the video is being buffered. After checking the quality of the video on your network, the latest result will appear in front of you. So, in this case you will also see the buffering from the video resolution and video play.

However, in order for the Speedtest by Ookla app to work properly, you must first install the app and allow some permissions. This app also provides VPN service. However, SpeedTest VPN will give you only 2 GB of free bandwidth per month. But if you want to use their VPN service unlimited, you can upgrade the app.

Official Download @ Speedtest by Ookla

2. Meteor

The Meteor app lets you test the speed of your Wi-Fi Internet. And the speed of 3G, 4G and Five-G networks. Once you learn how to test your Wi-Fi speed, it will be easier for you to get accurate and reliable results. With this app you can fully test the speed of your internet in just a few seconds with just one click. In this case you do not have to check the download speed, upload speed and ping separately.

In this case, after checking the speed, when the results are displayed, it will show you the download speed, upload speed and ping rate together. Meteor also allows you to see which app has the best internet speed. That is, you can see the Internet speed inside an app. You can see the download speed and upload speed and ping rate inside the YouTube app. If the internet service provider gives you separate bandwidth for YouTube and Facebook when you take broadband internet. You will see their download and upload speeds separately through this app.

In this case, if you see at that time, the download and upload speed on YouTube and Facebook is much lower, but later you can contact the service provider.

In addition, when you go to other apps to check the speed of the Internet, a lot of annoying ads run inside those apps. And In this case, seeing the advertisement can leave you feeling annoyed. However, with the Meteor app you can have a completely ad-free experience. That is, there is no problem with any kind of advertising in this app.

Official Download @ Meteor

3. SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master is a simple app to easily check internet speed using your Android smartphone. After opening this app, you will get a Start button and when you click on it, it will show the download and upload speed of your internet. However you need to see an ad before you can access this app and display your internet speed results.

With the SpeedTest Master app, you can use the Wi-Fi detector to identify the Wi-Fi networks around you, as well as test the ping through SpeedTest Master and test the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. With this app you can check how strong your Wi-Fi Signal is. In addition, every time you do a speed test, they will be stored in the History option. In this case you can access the data of any week or month from the History tab at any time. This way you can see what your internet speed was like one day.

While the free version of the SpeedTest Master app works well, you can go for the premium version to get the most out of it. Upgrading to the premium version of the SpeedTest Master app will allow you to enjoy an ad-free experience and unlimited speed testing. Where the free version will not allow you to do Speed ​​test in unlimited way. Also in the premium version, you can identify who is using your Wi-Fi and at the same time you can check the latency of different websites.

Official Download @ SpeedTest Master

4. Wi-Fi Router Master

Although there may be many reasons behind the low speed of internet on your mobile. In this case, by using the Wi-Fi router master app, you can be sure that for some reason your Wi-Fi internet speed is slowing down. This app, like any other app, has the ability to check your Wi-Fi speed. Identify who is using your Wi-Fi network, and test the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

The Wi-Fi Router Master app tracks the ping rate and upload and download speeds of your Wi-Fi network. In addition to this app, like other apps, you can access additional details about the history of all Speed ​​tests and additional details about all the results you tested with this app. However, you may have some problems using this app. Unfortunately, in order to use most of the features of this app you may be shown a lot of ads. And which may seem annoying to you. But still like other apps, you can try this app.

Official Download @ Wi-Fi Router Master

5. Internet speed test Meter

The Internet Speed ​​Test Meter app lets you know the download and upload speeds of WiFi connected to your mobile. While this app works like other apps, the interface of this app is different than other apps. Where the interface of this app is colorful and very easy to understand. You can switch from Light mode to Dark mode to use this app at night.

With the help of this app you can see the results of your internet speed as well as save it for viewing in the History tab. Through which you can see the results of the past speed in the future. If at any time your WiFi speed is declining, the Internet Speed ​​Test Meter app can help you test your Internet connection or solve your problem.

Lots of ads run while using this app. However, if you upgrade this app to the premium version, you will not get any more ads in the app and you will be able to access Speed ​​test in unlimited way every day.

Official Download @ Internet speed test Meter

Test the speed of Wi-Fi from your smartphone

There are several reasons why your smartphone may be slowing down. In this case, it may be due to a weak signal, you may be using a VPN, or your router may be in the wrong place. Also your Wi-Fi internet speed may be low for various reasons. However, if you use the above apps, you can solve your problem without calling the internet service provider. In this case, you do not need to call them to find out why your internet is slowing down.

You can check the upload speed, download speed and ping rate of your home or office internet through various speed test apps. While these apps are very easy to use. They do not require much permission or permission. And in a very short time you will get the results of your Internet Speed ​​test. You can also use the above apps to find out if your service provider is giving you the right internet speed. In this case, if you see that your internet service provider is cheating you in any way, you can contact him immediately. Hopefully, these apps will be of much use to you.

The functions of all the apps discussed today are almost the same. But the user interface and features of each app are slightly different from one to the other. But in the end, all of them have the same function. And all the apps will be used to measure the exact speed of your internet.