Best Free Software for PC in 2021

Nowadays the popularity of computer is increasing day by day. Today I will discuss about Best Free Software for PC in 2021. The computer software grows with it. There is a lot of computer software nowadays. Of these, today we will discuss five powerful software. If the software is powerful, it is much smaller in size.

So let’s start without further ado.

1. Everything

It is a search software that allows you to easily search anything from your computer. The size of this software is only 1.4 KB. A search system is provided by default with Windows. However, this search system is not so advanced. If you search here, it takes a long time to give search results. But everting software will show you in the search results as soon as you type something. Another good aspect of this is that if you search here, if there is a hidden folder on your computer, it will also show here. This software will be very useful for you so you can try using this software.

 Official Download @ Everything

2. Unlocker

We often have a problem using computers. So when we go to delete a folder or file, for some reason that file is not deleted and even if we go to rename it. If you are worried about this then you have no reason to worry anymore. Because I will tell you the solution to this problem now. To solve this problem you need to download the unlock software. It is very small, only 393 kilobytes in size. Which is much less than the size of an Android app. Download and install the software now. Now find out how to delete the file that was not deleted. Right click on the file or folder you want to delete.

Here you will see many options given by Windows, among them you will see an option called unlocker, click there. If you want permission after clicking, then give permission.

A window of the unlock software has opened here. In the window you will see an option called no action. Click there. Now you want to know what you want to do with the folder. Select the option and click the ok button. Then the folder will be deleted or you can rename if you want to rename.

Official Download @ UnLocker


Now let’s talk about a fun software. The name of the software is QTTabBar and its size is only 4.6 MB. The function of this software is to keep the files of File Explorer in tab format. Although, Those of us who use browsers know that all windows in the browser are sorte into tabs. Which is a lot of benefits to work with. But when we open a few folders from Windows, they are not sorted into tabs like a browser, which makes it annoying to work a lot of the time. And the QTTabBar software has come to solve the problem. So download the software now to solve your problem.

Even if we open a folder after downloading and installing, we will not be able to see our folders in tab form. For that you have to do the work in the following rules.

To enable the software in Windows, first you need to enter this pc or any one of your folders. Then click on the view option from the top bar. Then a bar will appear. From there, click on the option button at the very end. And lastly from there tick the QTTabBar – Bottom option. Then below you will see all the folders you open in the form of tabs. And you can easily move from one to another at any time.

Official Download @ QTTabBar

4. Recuva

It is often seen that despite our reluctance, important files or folders are delete from our computer for some reason. We use various free software to recover that. He says it’s free to see the software, but when it comes to recovering files, he says to pay. But there is also a premium version of the Recuva software for free. With this software you can easily recover any lost files.

Official Download Recuva

5. Ninite

The latest software on our list is called Ninit. In fact, it is not a software, it is a website. When we have Windows on our computer but we don’t have the software we used on our computer. So we have to find and download one by one and then install one by one again. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

If you visit this website, you will see almost all the software you need. And one by one click on the Get Your Ninite button for the software you need. The most interesting thing about this website is that the software that you download from here will not download separately. When you download, a Ninet software will download. Which means that when you let them install, the software that you have downloaded will install one by one. Which will save you a lot of time.

Official Website @ Ninite

So, these are f\all for today. I did not give the download link of the software that I have discussed today. Hopefully you can download it with Google search. Although, if you can’t, let me know by commenting and I’ll give you the link.