Basic Concept of SEO : SEO Guide In 2021

Today I will talk about the Basic Concept of SEO. The full meaning of the word SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The subject of SEO is very big, search engines are constantly changing the rules and regulations about SEO. That’s why if you want to know SEO, you always have to practice. So, Today I am going to give you some Basic Concept of SEO which usually do not change easily.

Basic Concept of SEO in 2021
Basic Concept of SEO

What is SEO and what does it say?

When we search for something on the Internet Search Engine, the Search Engine publishes a list of results in front of us. Usually at that time we give priority to the results that are at the beginning of the list.

At the top of this list are some ads and in general some results are sorted. The overall process of displaying the results in a search engine without resorting to any type of advertising and the number according to which the results are published is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Suppose you have a website. He is currently ranked 50th in Google. In other words, if you search on Google, your website is appearing at number fifty. If you want to change this situation and bring your website to the top of the search results, the process that needs to be done is called SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

The main purpose of SEO

The main purpose of SEO is to manually rank your website or the article or content of your website in the search engine search results in such a way that the visitors easily move to the top of the search results. This means that the search results take place at the top as much as possible. This is the main purpose of SEO.

It is not possible to change the search engine results in a day or two through SEO. So, This requires long-term planning and strategy. Here are the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for SEO.

Basic Concept of SEO in 2021
Basic Concept of SEO
  • Keyword research
  • On page SEO or on-side SEO
  • Off page SEO or offside SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research

Let’s start with the example of a blog. When you start a blog, you have to start working with a keyword. The blog can be health related, online income related, history related. That’s why you have to work with a keyword. This means that if you write an online income related blog, then which word is used more, which word is more popular with the visitors, you have to write with all those words i.e. keywords.

By doing this you will easily get visitors. If you write a blog with the keyword that is the most popular keyword, then when visitors search your blog with the keyword to write on your blog, if your article comes first, you will get a huge amount of On page SEO or on-side SEO

The process of writing and arranging and presenting a website’s contact or article according to certain rules is called on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, This means that through this process, the content of the website is presented to the visitors of your site and to the search engines.

There are several important issues in the case of onpage SEO. It is as follows.

  • Keywords
  • Heading
  • Original contact / article
  • Links used in the content
  • Images and videos used in the content
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description
  • URL etc.

On page SEO is about using these topics for web site content or articles.

Off page SEO or offside SEO

There is also work to do outside of the website to increase the acceptance and popularity of the website to your website visitors or search engines. Such as bringing visitors from other websites to your website through links i.e. using links. For this you have to do link building on other websites. And this is basically off page SEO. There are several ways you can do this, such as:

  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Guest posting
  • Article submission
  • Document submission
  • Social bookmarking etc.
  • Technical SEO

The job of technical SEO is to ensure the ease of use of the website by using certain technical methods to increase the ranking of the website in search engines and although, to make it easier for search engines to find the specific site.

Basic Concept of SEO
  • Technical SEO is involved.
  • The speed of the website
  • Website template or structure
  • Make the website mobile device friendly
  • Allowing websites to crawl in search engines
  • Indexing the website to search engines etc.
  • Search engines consider a number of factors in order to get a website to the top of the search results. E.g.
  • Visitors are coming from some important websites.
  • How many visitors are coming.
  • Notice the behavior of visitors.
  • How long visitors stay on the website.
  • The visitor is either leaving or moving from one page to another.
  • Digital has come and gone once or is coming around regularly.

So, These are just some of the Basic Concept of SEO that you can use. Based on these issues, search engines will bring you, that is, your website to the top of the search results. In fact SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge issue. Although, It will take a few days to write each rule thoroughly. I have written only basic ideas for you in a simple and sublime way. So, If you do these things, you will go a long way in future. Although, I would be grateful if you could benefit from this piece of writing.