Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

Today we will discuss about Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed? Nowadays everyone knows more or less about VPN or everyone has used VPN at some time or another. Even now you may be using VPN.

We use VPN as a means of anonymity. Where we assume that using a VPN keeps our identities secret and that no one can track us anymore. Also now we see many advertisements where it is say that using VPN will increase internet speed a lot. But Are VPNs Legal & does using a VPN really increase internet speed? Also, if you enter any illegal or ban website using VPN, you will be caught by the law enforcement. We will discuss it in today’s article.

You must pay close attention to this tune to give you a complete idea about VPN. And then all the misconceptions about your VPN will shatter and in this tune you will be able to learn something new about VPN. Therefore, you must watch the entire tune carefully and if you have not followed me yet, you must follow me. To know about VPN we need to understand why we actually use VPN or why all other people use VPN? Let’s go with the answers to these questions, but let’s start today’s tune completely.

So let’s discuss about Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

Why do we actually use VPN?

In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. And when it comes to the internet world or the online world, this is VPN. I hope you all know what VPN is. In this case, in short, VPN is a virtual private network. I don’t have to go into details about what a VPN is, because you have already heard about this VPN in detail in many places.

When the government of our country does not allow us to access a website or a website is ban for the people of a country, we need to access that website anonymously. That is, you use VPN to browse banned websites. This VPN is need only when you want to keep your identity secret in the internet world or use the internet anonymously.

Many people say that if you use VPN or internet speed increases a lot. But does using a VPN really increase internet speed? In today’s tune, I will discuss all these issues. So you must watch the whole tune carefully. If you like the tune completely, you will do joss and if you don’t like it, you will also tell it by tuning. Let’s skip everything and jump to the main tune.

Which one do we know as VPN?

First of all, you need to make it clear that the thing we use as a VPN is not always a VPN. We use VPN to increase speed, but we don’t notice that we have VPN option in our mobile settings. When we download a free VPN application from the Play Store, we never know that it is not a VPN. How is this matter? The thing is, you can set the VPN manually in the VPN option in the settings of your mobile.

The thing is, if you want to talk to someone with a mobile, you must buy a SIM in the mobile and enter it. In other words, in this case, suppose you bought an Airtel SIM to talk to someone and entered your mobile and then you can talk through it. Just like that, you created a VPN profile like SIM; Then you can communicate with VPN through that profile. Free vpn application available in Play Store; These are the manual VPN profiles that we create from the settings that make the applications automatic. That is, the apps that are in the Play Store are not VPNs themselves; They are useful for creating VPN profiles for your device.

But here could be another matter. And that is, the VPN application that we download from the Play store, they may have their own VPN server. This means that they can connect the device to their own server without connecting to another VPN server. And in that case the software itself is a VPN.

Why are we actually using VPN?

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

This time the story of VPN gone. Now you can try to increase the internet speed of your mobile through VPN or you want to access any website by using VPN, websites which are forbidden to enter from your country. The thing is, you want to see a simple website. That’s why you go to the browser and search by typing Now your search will go directly to the Google server.

In this case, your search in the form of a packet that data will first go to Airtel’s server. For example, since you are using Airtel’s Internet as a mobile internet connection, your ISP or Internet Service Provider first went to Query. From there it will see whether you want to see the right thing. Whether the topic you searched for or the website you searched for prohibited. If it looks right there, this Airtel server will deliver that data to that Google server in America. Now Google will see from there, what you want and will reply to you accordingly.

This time it will also come to Airtel’s server in the form of a packet and Airtel’s server will send the information to your mobile or computer accordingly. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. But as easy as I told you here, the matter is not so simple. Rather, the process of making the Internet work is much longer. There are many things that can do, such as converting your data to digital format and transmitting them through optical fiber, accessing a server through a firewall, and accessing your device via a firewall across your device.

However, these things need to tune one more time. Again, these issues can discuss in any other tune. But when you are using VPN, you are fooling Airtel’s server. But how is this happening?

The way VPN is fooling into accessing servers in other countries

We use VPN because we want to fool our internet service provider. If we need to access an illegal website, a website that is ban from our country or access to us from that country; However, in this case, we do not have the help of VPN to hide the identity. In this case VPN keeps our identity secret and allows access to those websites. When you search for something in general without turning on the mobile’s VPN, it is usually given to you by checking from Airtel’s server. But when you use VPN, it will no longer go to Airtel’s server as a normal data pack.

When you search for something using a VPN or send a request to get something, it will bencrypt. Then Airtel’s server will no longer be able to read or understand what you put inside your data packet. Then the data pack will show that you have sent a request to the server of that VPN. In this case, suppose you sent a request using a VPN to visit a website in the United States. Now Airtel’s server will understand that you have asked for some information from that Russian VPN server.

In this case, he will not see that you want to visit that website in America. Since access to that American website prohibit with your current IP address, you are changing your IP address via VPN. In this case, if access to the website from your country is not prohibit, but access to your country’s IP address is prohibit from that country, but because you use the VPN’s IP address, they will not understand that you are a citizen of this country or from this country. From there they will only give your request information to that server in Russia and that VPN server in Russia will provide information to you. Here the VPN acted as a mediator.

Since access to that server in Russia is not prohibit in this case, Airtel Net Server will allow that data to go there and allow the information obtained from there to come back to your device.

Airtel’s server will not understand that you are basically trying to access a banned website in the United States through that server in Russia. In this way, when you send a request for something, Airtel’s server will send the request to that VPN server in Russia and the Russian server will decrypt the encrypted data and read it again to find the information accordingly. Now that VPN server will see what you really wanted to see. The thing you wanted to hide from Airtel’s server will be re-searched on the Internet by decrypting it from Encrypted. Now you may want to visit a Chinese website; Russia will then send a request from that server to that website in China and re-encrypt the information obtained from that website to Airtel’s server.

From there, Airtel’s servers will send the encrypted data back to your device; Which will show you again by decrypting your device. The website you want to access in China here is ban from your country but not from Russia. In this case, the request you sent to Airtel, Airtel understood that it will go to the Russian server. Since that Russian server is not ban in your country, he let it go. Now the Russian server finds the information according to your demand, encrypts it again and sends it to the Airtel server and from there it is transfer to your device.

Here Airtel’s server sees that it came from a Russian server; In this case, everything is fine. It’s just as easy to fool your Airtel server. And in this way you can access all the banned websites of different countries by using VPN. And in the middle of that will work that VPN server in Russia; That is fooling Airtel’s server. And in this way VPN is used to access all the banned websites by fooling them.

Can we no longer be caught using VPN, or our identities?

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

After discussing so much, we may be in the middle that our identity may have been kept secret by using VPN. And by doing so, no one will be able to find me to use VPN or the government will not be able to catch me anymore. But in this case there is a thing called digital footprint. No matter what you do on the internet, your activities are recording. DigitalIn that digital footprint we make some mistakes and leave out some information which can easily catch us later.

Besides, the VPN server that did all your work keeping all your identities secret, has also recorded all your information. In this case, if at any time you need to search for information, but the government can take information from the VPN service provider. It is also possible to find out with your IP address who you really are, where your location is and what you have searched for. In this case, it is not impossible to find you. No matter what VPN you use, it is possible to find you.

Again many may think that if we use Paid VPN instead of free VPN then we will not be found anymore. In this case, your idea is wrong. If you read their Terms and Conditions for using paid VPN, you will see that they will say that we are commit to the government of our country. In this case, if you use a VPN server in Russia, they are commit to the government of that country and they are oblige to give them any information. In this case, if the Russian government asks him for any information, he will give all the information to the government.

Similarly, if you have committed a crime, it is possible to bring your information from that country if legal action is taken against you from that country. In this case, if you are involve in a crime and need to collect information against you, law enforcement is also able to bring information from the VPN service provider. While VPN or virtual private network is legal in most countries of the world, using VPN is considered illegal in many countries. That is, using VPN is illegal in many countries.

Currently, using VPN is illegal in many such countries. In fact, using VPNs is illegal in countries like Saudi Arabia and China. The use of VPN is strictly prohibited in these countries. However, the government does not jail or fine those who secretly use VPNs in these countries. But those who use VPNs from these countries can be fined or jailed by the government any day.

If anyone wants to use a VPN, the government can easily find out and catch them. If the government wants to trace a person, it doesn’t matter. But the government does not waste any time on these minor matters. If there is a big issue then only inquire about these issues. For example, events like hacking.

How do hackers hack while keeping their identities secret?

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

From these discussions, you may wonder, how do hackers keep their identities secret? Hackers must use VPN for hacking. However they do not use a VPN or a server when hacking. They bounce themselves on servers in different countries; That is, first he went to a server in Russia, then the server in Russia sent the server to another country, the server of that country then sent his data to the server of another country. In this way they enter the original server after rotating its data on 10-15 servers.

This means that if you have to find them later, you have to go through a sphere puzzle to find them on so many servers. And in this case, it becomes very difficult to find the hacker. There is also a thing called open VPN. Through which some servers created, which servers bounce through many servers to create VPN. If you can find an open VPN, you may be able to keep your identity secret.

So keeping your identity secret with VPN is not so easy. However, with VPN you can access any website you want. However, you must keep in mind that all the information is collect on the websites you are accessing. No matter how clever you are, you will certainly be able to caught using the digital technology of law enforcement. However, in this case, it may take them a little longer.

So much has been said about our idea of ​​VPN and how VPN is serving us. ‌But many of us have the idea that using VPN increases internet speed. But does using VPN really increase internet speed?

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

Nowadays we see in many places as advertising that the speed of internet is increasing by using VPN. Also we may have already heard in many places that using VPN increases internet speed. But it is important for us to know how true it is to use VPN to increase internet speed. This time I will discuss how to increase the internet speed using VPN.

Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed?

Suppose, if you want to access one of the data directly from the US server, will it take more time or will it take you more time to get that information from Russia to Hungary and then from the US? Of course, if you want to get this information from America after visiting so many places, it will take the most time. Of course, it will take less time to go directly to the destination and more time to go to the destination in turn. One more thing to keep in mind is that if your internet service provider gives you 5mbps internet speed; However, no matter how fast your VPN looks, the speed will come down to their server. In this case, your internet service provider may be a broadband internet or mobile network.

In this case, when you send your data to Airtel’s server as a mobile operator, it will probably send data to that VPN at a much faster speed and will also send data from VPN server to Airtel server very fast. But the work that Airtel needs to do with you, it will be but 5mbps. In this case the speed will never increase. You will only get the speed you give from the broadband internet service provider or the speed give to you from the mobile network. There is no possibility of getting more without less speed.

So it is also a misconception that using VPN increases the speed of internet. I would like to share this information with you through today’s tune. And I don’t want to say anything deeper than that. I hope you have benefited a lot from today’s tune.

Although many of us know a lot about VPN, the exact idea about it is probably unknown to many. So through today’s tune I tried to give you some idea about VPN. Hopefully with today’s tune your idea about VPN has completely changed. Also from today you know life in a new way.

So these are all about Are VPNs Legal & Does using VPN increase internet speed? If you want to know more about VPN, be sure to check it out in the tune box below. I will try to discuss that in a new tune for you. However, if you like the tune, do not forget to share it with your friends. Today, however, I end here.

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