6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

Today we talk about 6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention. We spend about 60 to 70 percent of the day talking to people. There is no doubt that we are in a good mood to talk to each other about our sorrows, loves and different feelings.

You know, if someone has good communication skills, they are more likely to get a job. Because he knows how to present his thoughts to people. But in our case, it takes a lot of confidence to talk to someone. Where we are ashamed to talk to anyone else. Friends, in today’s article, I will present to you about the book “How to talk to anyone” written by Leil Lowndes.

In this article I will discuss 6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention & all the things that will help you to improve your communication skills at least a little bit. This book has tips and hacks that you can follow to increase your experience a lot. If you are hesitant to talk to someone and can’t speak well, keep watching this article till the end. But for this, you must follow me and stay with me. Let’s start today’s article.

6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention:

1. Smile when meeting someone

 Capture Someone’s Attention
6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

Verbal communication is a means of verbal communication. However, non-varbal communication is also much stronger. According to the author, you can communicate with others without saying a word. And for this you can use two strategies. For this, first smile at the right time.

When you meet someone, take a position and make a big smile. In this case you need Friendly approachable. If you want to meet a friend, you can talk to him from a distance and start with him by gesturing and expressing your feelings. Where the features of your good relationship with your friend are emerging. Where you can raise your hand to say hi, hello or salute to your friend from a distance.

In the midst of non-verbal communication, if you look someone in the eye, you will feel confident. This will make the person in front of you understand that you are giving importance to him. And by doing so, he will feel better. But remember that don’t look at it for a long time. Make sure the eye contract is short and strong. If you talk to your friend for a while with your eyes closed, he will understand that you are saying all the words to him and you are attracted to him.

And then your friend will be more interested in talking to you. This trick will definitely come in handy if you want to prolong the stage of talking to someone. In this case, if you talk to a person on the other side while talking to him, after listening for a while, his mind may not want to talk to you. Besides, that person may not listen to you well at all.

2. Understand the mood of the other person talking to you and tell him to talk

Capture Someone’s Attention
6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

How do you talk to someone? All you have to do before you talk to anyone is listen. When someone talks to you, listen carefully to their words and try to understand their mood. For example, if the person you are talking to is in a joking mood at the moment, talk to him or her in the same way. If the person in front of you thinks he is happy, then you should not say anything serious at that time. You speak in a way that maintains the continuity of the way your friend is talking.

If you can understand the mood of the person in front of you, the process of talking between you can be more prolonged. For example, if your friend is happy at some point in the middle of the story, you should talk to him happily. At this time, if he says something in the middle of the story that is sad, then in this case, his mind may suddenly be broken. As an example of this, if you make a bad comment about a friend in a pleasant environment, he will not take it well. However, there may be many more examples like this.

3. Don’t answer your question in one or two words

When we are asked a question, we sometimes answer that question in one or two words. Suppose someone asks you where your house is and you answer “New York”. That is why he will have no way to talk to you. So instead of answering in one word, you can answer your question in more detail. For example, in answer to this question, you could say, “Oh, my house is in this place in Dhaka city.”

Doing so well and make your conversation more interesting and this will also help you move forward.

4. Giving others the opportunity to speak while speaking

 Capture Someone’s Attention
6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

Everyone wants to get a little of their own importance. That’s why when talking to someone, you shouldn’t just say your own words. Rather, in this case, the other person should be given the opportunity to speak. Ask the person you’re talking to about his hobbies or work. You can also hear his comments from her in the middle of your speech.

When I tell him something, you must try to make him understand your words well. In the same way, show him that you are listening to him. When talking between two people, only you can talk, but it does not happen. In this case, it will be seen that he is not listening to you anymore. Therefore, when talking to someone, his words should be taken seriously.

5. Stay updated on various topics

How many times has it happened to you that you don’t remember what to say when talking to someone? That kind of thing happens to you often. In that case you can use a small strategy at that time. That’s why you need to stay up to date with the latest news.When talking to someone, when you feel that you do not have a topic to talk about, you can discuss any trending topic with him.

For example, you can ask about sports, business discussions or you can say. In this case, you can resume the discussion on the topic of interest to your friend in front of you. As a result, they will understand who you are, and in this case, they will have a good idea about your personality. So in the middle of the story you can have updates on various topics to continue your story. So when you need something, you can talk about it.

6. Body language

Another important thing in your case before talking to someone is body language; With which 55% of communication is completed. If you are sure, you must stand up straight or sit up and talk. Besides, if you shake hands with someone, it should be very powerful. And when you walk, walk with confidence. Where your walking style and body language reveal a lot of ideas about your personality in the mind of the person in front of you.

But if you can display a confident body language, it will make you feel more approachable. If you talk to someone on the other side, the person may realize that you are not interested in their neighbor. So the other person will be more attracted to your words if you speak in his direction and keep your eyes on him. But you continue to develop your communication skills.

So. these are the 6 Best Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention. Thank you so much for watching today’s article in full. Comment in to the comment box below to let us know what you think of the article or any of your other comments.