5 Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Android Phone

Today I will tell about 5 Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Android Phone. We all need to take screenshots from our mobiles when using smartphones. One of the things we need to know when using a mobile phone is that we need it. And in that case we leave a capture of that screen. You can do this on your smartphone but very easily. But you can do it a little differently if you want. That is, with the help of the default shortcuts or apps on your Android mobile.

There are several ways to take screenshots on your Android device. In this case, the difference between taking a screenshot from your Android device depends on the manufacturer of your smartphone. The operating system of your device, and the dedicated apps installed on your phone from the Google Play Store.

And in this case, it may be difficult for you to determine whether it will be easier for you to take screenshots by default on your device. Or it will be easier to take screenshots from your device through apps downloaded from Google Play Store. However, today I will show you the most common ways to take screenshots from Android devices with this tune. And also introduce you to the two best third party screenshot taking apps. For this, you must continue the entire tune with attention. So, let’s see 5 Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Android Phone.

1. Use the Android screenshot shortcut

Taking a screenshot from your Android mobile is a very simple matter. To take a screenshot from your mobile, press and hold the mobile power button and volume button together. And then a screenshot will appear from the screen of your mobile at that moment and you will see a notification to take a screenshot on your mobile.

However, to take a screenshot from your mobile, you must press two buttons at the same time. Otherwise, if you press the power button first, your mobile will be locked. And if you quickly press and hold the volume button by pressing the power button, a screenshot will appear from your mobile at that moment.

2. Use shortcuts from mobile phone manufacturers

Not all phones use the standard Android method. For example, older Samsung devices need to press the power button + home button to take a screenshot. Although the new model phones have changed to the power button + volume button method and the system is seen in almost all current smartphones. Even then the process is the same. In this case you will be given an onscreen confirmation and your picture can be seen in the gallery.

Some phones use Android’s standard method, but there are additional options. For example, on some Sony devices you can press and hold the power button to access the option menus. In this case, when you hold down the power button, a few options will come in front of you. And you will be able to record the screen of your Android device as well as take screenshots from your device. That system may seem like a much simpler method to you. Because, in another method, if the power button is pressed before pressing the power button and the volume button together. Then the screen of your mobile may be locked and this will slow down your work. Motorola, LG, and HTC all use standard methods.

3. Use Gesture

Now many Android devices allow you to use Gesture to take screenshots. Due to that feature it makes your work much easier and completely eliminates the need to take screenshots by pressing the volume button and power button of your mobile.

For example, Samsung supports “Palm Swipe”. When you turn on your Samsung mobile settings> Advanced Features> Motions and Gestures> Palm Swipe to Capture, you can easily take a screenshot by swiping your hand at a 90 degree angle on the screen of your mobile.

Similarly Motorola and so on by turning on their setting, with the convenience of taking a screenshot by tapping the screen with three fingers. In addition, most brands now have three-finger swipe to take screenshots. If you have trouble taking screenshots with the power button and volume buttons on your mobile. You can turn it on by looking at such convenient settings from the settings. This will make it easier to take screenshots from your mobile.

However, if you turn on the setting to take screenshots with three fingers, in some cases you may have difficulty. For example, when you play mobile games with multiple fingers while playing mobile games, screenshots may come up from your mobile phone again and again. So you can turn it off from the setting before gaming. And if you haven’t played any kind of game, setting up such a setting for taking screenshots is a great way for you.

4. Use Quick Setting

Some mobile phone manufacturers also add a screenshot button to the Quick Settings menu on Android. By doing this you can easily take screenshots very quickly by dragging the notification bar. You can actually see this option to take a quick screenshot by dragging the notification bar at the top of your mobile to the bottom.

1. To access this menu, swipe down from the top of the screen. In this case you will see Screen Capture, Screenshot or some other level options.

If the option to take a screenshot has already been added to the Quick Setting bar of your mobile. Then you can easily take a screenshot of that moment by clicking here. And if you do not find any option called Screenshot in the Quick Setting option, then you will see a pencil icon under Quick Setting.

2. Click here to hold it and move it to any place like above. In this case, this option to take a screenshot later will be added to the Quick setting option of your mobile and later you can take a screenshot of that moment by clicking on the Quick Setting option.

Click here and select the screenshot option and add it to the Quick setting option.

5. Root your Android phone

Early versions of Android did not allow applications to take screenshots without rooting. Which is a security feature that is designed to prevent spam and theft of personal information on you, as well as unsolicited downloads.

However, by rooting your Android device, it will open you up to a world of possibilities. There are many apps in the Play Store that allow you to take screenshots on your Android device, especially on older Android phones.

But let me tell you one more thing, you don’t need to root your phone to take screenshots on current smartphones. But if for any other reason you want to root your phone, you must think once. Because if your mobile has a warranty and if you root the phone before that time, your warranty will be closed despite the time. That is, if you root the phone, the warranty is no more.

If you root a phone, you can change all the code of the operating system of that phone as you wish. And if you root your phone for this, they will not give you a warranty even though there is a warranty. So if you need to root the phone to do any special work on the current phones, then you must think once.

In short, as long as you are using Android 4.0 or later. There will be no problem in taking screenshots on your phone. Screenshots can be easily taken from your phone in Android 4.0 or later versions.

However, if you are looking for more options and some additional options for taking screenshots of your phone, then you should go back to the third-party app. And if you use earlier versions of Android, you need to root your Android device or use a desktop application on your device.

For many, the screenshots taken through the default settings on their mobile may seem much faster. While taking screenshots using other methods may seem like a lot of trouble. The setting that mobile phone manufacturers have made with your device may be the fastest and most effective way for you to take screenshots.