5 Best Ninja Games for Android in 2021

In today’s episode I have brought the 5 best ninja games for Android! Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile device rather than a PC in every home. And the use and popularity of Android mobile devices in the world is almost a lot. And even during games, the Android platform is now dominating the market. So today I came up with the 5 best ninja games for Android.

Suddenly coming out of the shadows in a moment, knocking down the enemy and merging into the shadows again is called ninja style. It may not be possible for us to be real ninjas but we can enjoy our own ninja fantasy by playing such ninja games if we want.

So let’s see what games are on today’s list of the 5 best Android ninja games:

5 Best Ninja Games for Android in 2021
5 Best Ninja Games for Android in 2021

1. Ninja Revenge

This Ninja Revenge game is arranged with bloody clashes, multi-combo, Katana sword miracle and more and more bloody clashes. In the game you have to play the role of an angry Mathanast ninja who is desperate to avenge his wife’s murder! The game’s side scrolling graphics and damage animation are nicely arranged. In the game you have a cooldown based ability, Use Power Ops and Basic Slashing to annoy your enemies! And the game has a combination of different types of powerful enemies of different levels. And on the other hand you can easily score 50 hit scores using the multi hit combo at the right time! All in all, the game will entertain you well!

2. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is not a ninja game, but the game uses a number of ninja characters and ninja tactics. So the game is on today’s list of ninja games. And many people may have played this game before, so there is nothing new to say about this game. However, for those who have not played the game yet, I am saying that the game will be considered as a very fun time passing game.

Shadow Fight 2 is a 1 vs 1 fighting game with RPG style character building and ninja style fighting sequences. An excellent aspect of the game is that the animations here are quite lively. So that you really feel like you are fighting someone and avoiding their injuries! And another thing is that you don’t have to punch or kick or punch in the game. But there is a real life style deal between them for which the game will seem very real to you!

And by going to higher levels in the game you will be able to unlock a variety of nice weapons, armor and magic power. But one thing, you will need skills to play the game Shadow Fight 2! The next version of the game is Shadow Fight 3 and is now on Playstore. However, in my opinion, if you play the game number 2 first, then you should go to the game number 3!

3. Ninja Arashi

This is another game where there is a lot of violence and bloodshed. If you like challenging games where you have to take the help of proper strategy then this Ninja Arashi game is right for you! Ninja Arashi is a combo game with a mix of Deadly Fighting and Strategy where you can have fun with both action and challenging types.

The levels of the game you have to complete by avoiding different killer traps and dealing with different types of enemies. And for this you can use many kind of moves and weapons. On the other hand, you can power up your character’s skills, boost your moves, and buy a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, and even guns! Fun and entertaining.

4. Devil Ninja 2

If you are looking for a ninja game where you can press all the buttons and defeat the enemies in a hurry then Devil Ninja 2 game is right for you. This is a side schooling ninja game where you have to float in the sea of ​​enemies using different movements and weapons and play the game through a situation of complete conflict. The game is very easy and fun to play because of the childish graphics of the game!

While playing the game you have to make yourself stronger by collecting energy balls and with these you can also buy new weapons! The game has hundreds of weapons and powerups that will help you fulfill your Ninja Hack and Slash fantasy. And the best part is that there are no in-app purchases in the game. So you can enjoy all the features of the game for free!

5. Ninja Fight

Ninja Fight is a ninja fighting game with an all-in-one button-like twist, just like the previous game on the list. The game supports relatively fast animations where you have to complete the stages by playing different ninja roles. On one stage you can bring down multiple ninja characters and each character has its own fighting style and skill list. And by using all these together you will be able to create all the nice combos.

In the game you will be able to match the characters with different styles of costumes and weapons. And for each character there is a separate costume and weapon. So this way each character is unique in the game with their own costume and weapon. The graphics of the game are not bad either, but despite being a ninja game. The amount of blood and violence in the game is relatively less than other games in this Ninja Fight game.

So far today! I will come with the news of one or more other games in the future.

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