14th February Happy Valentine’s Day, SMS, History

14th February Happy Valentine’s Day, SMS, History: 14th February in English is well known as the day of love. Valentine’s Day is a Bengali synonym for Valentine’s Day. February 14th is usually celebrated all over the world as the day of love. In this case, many people celebrate 14th February as World Love Day. In the past, the joy of Valentine’s Day was limited to the United States or Western countries, but now it is very popular in Bangladesh. Especially lovers are more interested in this day. 14th February Happy Valentine’s Day, not only lovers, but also husbands and wives, parents, siblings and dear friends get together in a bond of love.

History of Valentine’s Day

Many wonder how World Love Day came about. Why is February 14 the day of love? We are organizing this today to answer all these questions. In ancient Rome, February 14 was declared a holiday in honor of the Roman goddess Juno. According to many, Juno is a woman and goddess of love. St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday in ancient Rome. Today is World Love Day in exchange for the sacrifice of St. Valentine, the priest of Rome.

St. Valentine was a philanthropist and preacher of Christianity. On the other hand, the Roman emperor Claudius II was a believer in the worship of various gods and goddesses. Claudius Valentine was imprisoned for refusing to worship the gods. Valentine was executed on February 14, 260, for disobeying a state order to leave Christianity, as ordered by the emperor. Since then this day has started.

Why February 14 is Valentine’s Day

It is said that after St. Valentine’s imprisonment, many young men and women came to see him every day and gave him flowers. They kept St. Valentine excited by saying various provocative things. A prison guard’s blind daughter also went to see Valentine. For a long time they talked openly. Once upon a time Valentine fell in love with her. St. Valentine’s spiritual healing blind girl regains sight. When the emperor heard about Valentine’s love and the love of the young men and women of his country, he became enraged and executed him on 14 February 269 AD.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Our relationship with everything is so sweet because there is love in the world. Because of this love, we can easily adopt strangers. Love is not just a matter of blood. There is love even among strangers. Basically in the present age, by this we mean the love that develops between a boy and a girl. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by all these children.

World Love Day is February 14

Even if one day their love affair starts, they celebrate this day in a special way as a day of love. Nana arranges to make the love relationship colorful. Like cutting cakes, giving flowers, eating in restaurants. On this day, many people express their feelings by saying something that is not said to the people of the mind.

February 14 is the day to celebrate the day of love

Everyone plans ahead to celebrate this day of love. Makes a plan of how to enjoy the whole day. For which many people choose places like parks, zoos, river banks, restaurants, cinema halls. To make the day of love more colorful, wear colorful clothes. Usually girls wear red sari, and boys wear Punjabi. Nowadays, in the digital age, pictures are taken in different styles to keep the beautiful moments with the loved one memorable. On the other hand, there is a competition to take a selfie with a loved one and share it through social media including Facebook.

14th February Valentine’s Day SMS

At 12 o’clock in the morning, no one forgets to send Valentine’s Day greetings to their loved ones via SMS. On the other hand, they share status, pictures, quotes or poems on Facebook. Some people spend their time watching Valentine’s Day short films, songs or movies.

Valentine’s Day Quotes

Let’s swear today, hold each other’s hands
We will both walk together, we will sing in the same tune
You are mine, I am yours.
Looking forward to a colorful day
I will get yours
Wish you all the best.
Valentine’s Day song
Love and affection are not one.

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