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12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop in 2021

Today I will talk about 12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop in 2021. Laptops were once a luxury product but now laptops have become a daily commodity. Currently there are many laptops of different quality, price and configuration in the market. Laptops are now very popular due to the ease of carrying, various features, advanced technology, etc.

Many people are now leaning more towards laptops than desktop. There are several reasons behind this. However, many people admit to embarrassment or fail to make the right decision when buying a laptop. So today I will try to give a guide line on the things to keep in mind before buying a laptop. The following are 12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop.

12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

1. Brand

There are different brands of laptops in the market now. Such as Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc. If you want to buy a good brand laptop then you can buy Asus or Dell. These two brands are extremely good in the laptop world.

You can take HP if you want, but HP’s performance is not the same as before, but still good. Besides, if you want to buy a laptop of a fair price and quality brand, you can take Lenovo or Acer.

The performance and quality of these two brands is very good. The price of these laptops will depend on your quality and configuration.

2. Size

You need to adjust the size of your laptop based on what type of laptop you are buying. If you want to buy a laptop so that you can carry it easily, then it would be wise for you to buy a notebook.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a notebook. Keep in mind the weight of the notebook, how light or narrow it is. Again notebooks contain many notebooks which are known as ultrabooks. These are the best to carry.

The weight of the laptop screen size depends on the laptop. 11 to 12 inch laptops are the lightest or narrowest. It weighs 1.1-1.5 kg. 13 to 14 inch laptop is the ideal choice for portability and usability. It weighs less than 1.8 kg.

If you want to use a laptop at home or take it out occasionally or any other place, then a laptop with a 15-inch display will be good for us. Such screen-sized laptops usually weigh between 2.5 kg and 3 kg. If you want a laptop with a larger display, you can get a 16 to 18 inch laptop.

3. Display quality

Before buying a laptop, one should pay attention to the quality of the display. Because you have to work by looking at the display of the laptop. When buying a laptop, you should also look at the resolution of the laptop.

I would recommend you to take a 1080p HD full HD display. The display of this resolution is ideal for all tasks. If for some reason you can’t get a full HD screen, then you must get a laptop with at least an HD or 720p screen. Budget laptops usually have a 720p display.

4. CPU or processor

The processor is the brain of the computer. So when buying a laptop, you need to keep in mind which processor to take. The performance of laptop will depend on it.

There are two types of processors available in the market today. Intel and AMD. In terms of technology, AMD is currently far ahead of Intel. In the budget segment, Intel as well as AMDO are currently offering better quality processors. You can select any AMD or Intel processor if you want.

Intel: Intel’s Core i series processors are now at the top of the market. Core i9 10th generation laptops are currently available. However, its price skyrocketed. If your budget is higher then you can take Core i9 or Core i7. Laptops with Core i9 and Core i7 processors are usually high powered.

If you want to buy mid-range laptops, you can buy laptops with Core i5 processor. And if the budget is low, you can take the laptops with Core i3 processor. However, it is better not to take any processor under the Core i3 processor.

AMD: In addition to Intel, laptops with AMD’s Raizen series processors are also very popular in the current market. If your budget is high, you can buy laptops with Raizen 9 or 6 processors, Raizen 5 processors if you have medium, and Raizen 3 processors on low budget.

5. Generation or generation

Generation in Bengali means generation. And Generation usually refers to the generation of the laptop. New generation means more performance, all new features. When buying a laptop, you should keep an eye on the generation of the laptop. Because a lot depends on the generation.

In the case of Intel, laptops of 5th generation to 10th generation are available in the market. In the case of AMD, the 4th generation is also known as the 4000 series.

AMD’s 4th generation laptops are in many ways ahead of Intel’s 10th generation laptops in terms of performance. The main reason behind this is AMD’s advanced processor architecture.

When buying a laptop, you should try to buy the latest generation laptops. If for some reason it is not possible to take the latest generation laptop, then you have to take the next generation laptop.

12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

6. Graphics

Laptops usually have a built-in graphics card attached. But if you work in graphics or video editing or want to play high-end games, you will need a graphics chip.

It is better to say that some parts of the laptop can be changed but the graphics card cannot be changed. So if you need a dedicated graphics card / external graphics, you have to take it at the time of purchase. This is because laptops are manufactured in different ways with / without graphics.

You can also get Nvidia and AMD series graphics cards on laptops like desktops. If you want Nvidia graphics card, you can take GTX or RTX series cards. The GTX series ranges from GTX 1050 to GTX 160 and the RTX series ranges from RTX 2050 to RTX 3060. RTX series laptops are much more expensive than GTX.

7. Ram

When buying a laptop, you should also keep an eye on the RAM. If you want to get smooth performance on a laptop, you must buy a laptop with 4 GB or more of RAM.

And if you are thinking of doing things like gaming or video editing on a laptop, then you will need 6 GB or 16 GB of RAM. In case of RAM, DDR (Double Data Rate) and bus speed should be taken into consideration.

In the case of RAM, DDR4 is the latest technology. So you have to buy DDR4 RAM self-contained laptop. And when it comes to bus speed, the higher the bus speed, the higher the performance.

8. Hard drive

Laptop hard drives should be bought more so that you do not have to suffer from lack of space to save the necessary files next time. Try to get 2 terabyte hard drive but If you can’t afford it, take at least 1 terabyte.

Conventional hard disks become slower over time. You can also take SSD storage instead of hard disk. It is important to have SSD storage on the laptop for good quality and performance.

HDD drives are available in the market at speeds of 5200 rpm and 6200 rpm (Revolution per minute). 7200 rpm is essential for good speed of laptop. However, those who want to take a laptop for normal work, even if they have a hard drive of 5200 rpm.

9. Battery

12 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

If you want to buy a large laptop for home use only then you do not have to think so much about the battery. Because big size laptops have big batteries.

But if you want to buy a laptop for use outside the home, then try to buy a laptop that has a backup of 6 to 8 hours. Be sure to check the battery rating when buying a laptop. Try to get laptops with batteries between 44Wh and 50Wh. Then you will get the best performance. Remember that the bigger the laptop battery, the better for you.

10. Keyboard

When buying a laptop, you need to see if the keyboard is working well. Many times typing on a laptop is a problem if there is not enough space between the keyboard keys.

You need to select a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard so that you can type easily. And you have to make sure that there is a backlit on the keyboard of the laptop.

11. Port

When buying a laptop, you have to keep in mind what ports the laptop has. Make sure the laptop has 1 USB 3 port. There will be some additional benefits.

USB 3 is capable of transferring data 10 times faster than USB 2. As a result, your time will be much less. And it is better if the laptop has USB 3.1 port. And also check if there are other necessary ports here.

12. Wireless connection

When buying a laptop, you need to see what kind of wireless connection the laptop supports. Check if the laptop has a Wi-Fi adapter. In the case of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 3.o is now obsolete. So you can see if you have Bluetooth 4.o.

At present, there are laptops in the market starting from different kind of price. What kind of budget laptop you want is up to you. And remember the above mentioned things while buying a laptop. Then you can choose the right laptop for you. This will be the best for you.

I hope you like today’s article. If you have any questions about tech related, please let us know in the comments section.

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