10 Easy Way to Clean Stone Stairs in the House

Today I will inform you a very important thing and that is 10 Easy way to Clean Stone Stairs in the House. A remarkable combination of past and modernity. In ancient times, stone stairs were a symbol of nobility. Ancient forest houses still have beautiful stone staircases. Stone stairs can be seen in many houses and palaces of the British period. And it was somehow necessary to have a sto

ne staircase in the house of the Nawab kings.

If there was a stone staircase outside the house, it would be mainly uneven. There was almost no possibility of slipping. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The masons would make them uneven again.

And the stone staircase in the interior is basically marble or granite. The prevalence of tiles at that time was relatively low. So marble and granite were all the way to stylish interior design. Baker had a lot of servants in the Rich house of the previous day. They were the ones who took care of those stone stairs. But now you have to take care of your own house. So when making a stone staircase as a hobby, the owner of the house or the mistress has to take care of it.

So Let’s See 10 Easy way to Clean Stone Stairs in the House.

Take care of the stairs

  1. There are specific maintenance tools for marble and granite stones. Usually professional craftsmen know how to use this machine. In general this machine is quite difficult to use. As much as this pain is heavy in weight, it requires skill to run it. Of course, there are also devices for use at present. Moreover, this is usually done during the construction of the stairs. The landlord does not have to pay special attention in this case.
  2. Marble or granite becomes smooth and slippery after polishing. So it is absolutely wrong to give wax polish on it. The people of the house will be in danger. When going up and down the stairs quickly, the chances of slipping increase. In this case special type of crystal polish is used to maintain the shiny condition of marble or granite. Experts recommend using high quality silicone, protective layer, anti-fouling, non-slip, super resistant to polish the stairs.
  3. To clean the stairs of the house, you have to sweep it regularly and wipe it with final water.
  4. Try not to throw wax or oil on marble or granite. This increases the slippage of the stairs.
  5. Clean the stairs regularly. A large amount of dirt accumulates in the grooves. You can wipe the stairs with soapy water once a month. However, in that case care should be taken that the slipperiness of the soap in the clean water rises after using the soapy water.
  6. If you have trouble wiping, wipe the stairs dry with a water bath. When wiped with a mob stick, the stairs remain in the water. It takes time to dry. There is a fear of slipping carelessly.
  7. If you get stains on white marble, you can rub it with lemon, vinegar or baking soda. If the stain is dark, remove the stain with Harpic or similar substance.
  8. When wiping the marble, you can add a little vinegar to the water, then its whiteness will be clear.
  9. Do not forget to clean the granite stone with acid, lemon or vinegar. It has white spots on the granite. Which looks bad. It takes many days for that whiteness to rise. Even the natural smoothness of granite is lost.
  10. Do not rush up and down stairs wearing socks or Hawaiian slippers. There can be terrible dangers.

So these are the 10 Easy way to Clean Stone Stairs in the House. Stay with us for more Interesting Information.