10 Awesome Tips for Smartphone Photography 2022

10 Awesome Tips for Smartphone Photography. Nowadays it is much more difficult to find a person who does not have a smartphone. And many people are taking beautiful pictures using this smartphone, and these pictures are worthy of professional photographers. Keeping this in mind, in today’s article we have brought ten tips for beautiful photography, which after knowing will add a new dimension to your photography and you will become more proficient in Android photography. Let’s know the tips.10 Awesome Tips for Smartphone Photography

Learn about Auto Mode

Knowing how your phone’s auto mode works will help you take better photos. Take time to notice when your phone is using high ISO or the shutter speed is long. This way will help you learn more about auto mode, and you will get to know auto mode better and use different default options from your settings if needed.

Check the default option in the settings

Even though auto mode takes good pictures it is not always effective, especially indoor and cloudy days it is not possible to take good pictures with auto mode, not only with your android phone but the best camera in the market, so what is the solution to this problem? ?First of all you should switch from auto mode to manual mode if you face such problem. There you can increase or decrease the brightness or darkness as you wish or whatever you feel is more.10 Awesome Tips for Smartphone Photography

For example, if you think the white balance may be off, you can easily turn it on and improve the quality of your photos. Also, you can easily change ISO and shutter speed in manual option. You can decide how much motion blur your image will have, how much grain there will be, etc. Generally, you can take good pictures with a shutter speed a little lower than 1/30, and ISO above 800 helps to take good pictures because this ISO Smartphone cameras can capture good light. There’s also HDR mode, which makes your photos look more vibrant and realistic. With this mode you can easily make your photos come alive. You can easily turn on HDR mode from your settings bar.

Try to keep your hands still

Another way to good photography is to capture while holding the camera still. For this, you should not move your hands while taking photos, it is best if you use a phone tripod, because when the phone is attached to the tripods, your phone is the most stable, which is why the camera is also stable during photography and beautiful pictures can be captured.

Digital zoom should never be done

Users are always forbidden to zoom with the Android phone camera to take good pictures. But nowadays this advice is no longer applicable because phones like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have 2x zoom option in the secondary camera, so there is no question of not using the camera of these phones with 2x. Rather, better quality photography is possible with these cameras.

But we advise not to zoom automatically on phones that do not have these zooming options. Because by doing this your image quality and other qualities are lost. So it is better not to zoom automatically for normal phones. And if your phone has a zoom lens, then the automatic zooming should be kept within the 1x or 2x range.

Take multiple shots

When I take a photo of something I should take multiple shots. Because you can easily select your favorite picture from many pictures later. Moreover, if your phone is set to auto mode after taking multiple shots, you will be able to notice something new every day which will help you to select your favorite photo later. So whenever we shoot something we try to take multiple shots.

Edit photos

We usually don’t take good pictures all the time, and when we do take pictures, they don’t show enough detail in the picture. And to solve this great problem we can edit the image. Through the photo editor, you can easily adjust the whiteness, darkness, blur, details, etc. of your photos as you wish. So every mobile photographer should use a good photo editor.

Capture in RAW

Photo capture in RAW files is very familiar to those who do professional photography. Usually DSLR users capture images in RAW files but nowadays you can also capture photos in this file with your Android phone. Generally, the quality of the photo is slightly reduced in JPG files, especially the brightness, darkness, and photo detail. But there is no such problem in RAW file format. In this format every aspect of the film is beautifully presented. Which helps you a lot while editing later.

Provide more lighting

The whole point of photography is the play of light. So you have to make sure that there is enough light towards the object you are marking. But we can’t always get enough light on our target, so if you shoot with your phone’s camera ISO 200 or less, your photos will look clear even in low light. But for good photography, low light should be avoided as much as possible Lighting should be arranged towards the identified object.

Google Camera app

Google Camera app can be useful tips for Android photographers. Maybe we all have heard about Google Pixel phones, the cameras of these phones are relatively good, these phones have all Google’s own apps, especially in its camera, Google’s own apps are also provided, due to which its photography quality is improved. Even if your phone is not from Google, you can try using Google’s camera apps. This will improve the quality of your camera even if only slightly. You can also try ADR mode with all its modes and take more beautiful pictures to impress everyone.

Learn about when to use portrait mode

The last tip is about portrait mode, and this topic is becoming popular day by day. Portrait moods try to simulate background blur or bokeh. Many phones do this with an additional sensor, although phones like the Google Pixel 2 can easily perform this mode without the BOK Smart Agent. There’s no comparison to Portrait mode for blurring the extra parts behind your subject in general. You can use portrait mode whenever you need to blur extra parts. And there’s no obligation to always shoot in portrait mode. You look at your surroundings, note everything, including the adequacy of light, then select the mode.10 Awesome Tips for Smartphone Photography

Hopefully these few tips will help you with your photography and encourage you to take more beautiful pictures. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter to get our tunes regularly.

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