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Hello Everyone. In order to keep up with this new topic and trend of service, today I have come up with a brand new topic with you. Today I will talk about WARP Faster & Safer Internet. And you can know all the new information through this tune.

It would not be wrong to say that we cannot spend a day without the Internet at this time. Because our lives have become so much more informative that we need the Internet. But disaster strikes when our personal data or information hack without our permission. And so today I will discuss how you can make your internet life more fast and secure.

What is WARP?

WARP is a VPN. However, it is not like all other VPNs and its functionality is not like all other VPNs or it does not work exactly as we think. WARP works through a new method. It seems to you that the matter is a bit confusing. No worries, I’ll clear up in the next discussion.

In November 2018, Cloudflare released the first application. And this application was a very simple app. The task of this application was to change your phone’s networking system using Cloudflare’s own DNS server instead of the default DNS server assigned by your Internet service provider. This allows you to use the Internet in fast and secure DNS instead of slow DNS.

You will understand more simply that all of us who use the internet are basically using Google’s own public DNS server. And Cloudflare’s WARP application provides exactly the same service. But Cloudflare’s DNS server is much faster than Google’s DNS server. And so your current broadband internet speed will feel faster than before and really faster than before. Will.

This app named WARP at the beginning of app development and release, and you will find this app in Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. WARP is a part of the Cloudflare app. And later WARP was added throughout the app, so WARP is now part of the app. Hope you understand everything so far. However, WARP changes some of the settings or layers of your Internet when connected to a VPN. WARP, on the other hand, is a VPN, but it’s not like any other VPN you’ve used or heard of before.

What is DNS?

Let’s find out what is DNS? This DNS (Domain Name System) server is used to convert all web site addresses such as to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses such as

Don’t understand? Let’s explain more simply.

We know that computers work through 0 and 1 (binary). And so our phone or computer can connect to any web site using only numbers / numbers. And when we want to access a web site, we write its name like and then this request convert to IP address through DNS server, so that we do not have to memorize those IP addresses.

DNS is often called the Internet phone book. Also known as nameservers because you can easily connect to that web site when you search in a browser by typing or This is because DNS servers instantly convert their domain names to IP addresses. And there is not a single computer that can record billions upon billions of DNS. Instead they are distribute to many DNS server machines around the world.

Nameserver is an internet phone book, remember?

The way nameservers are designed, there are machines that have the ability to search each TLD (Top Level Domain). So that their own nameservers return to the records they have. And the TLD is three characters like “com” or “net” that you add at the end of the URL type in the browser.

So you can imagine how many different machines are used to convert web addresses to IP addresses. What we type and how to convert them into strings so that our phones and computers can easily connect to any web site on the Internet.

You may also think that some of these machines are very busy and can be very slow. However, if you have typed a web address and the web site is loading but nothing is coming. A part of the waiting time may be due to the DNS resolution. Also, Google or Cloudflare’s nameservers don’t track any of your information just as fast as your web site requests. And so it’s a really good thing for us.

What is a VPN?

You might think that VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network tool that keeps you more private on the Internet or allows you to access your country-restricted content, but they are actually by-products.

You know what? What was VPN designed and built for?

VPN was “invented” to connect you directly and securely to a remote network.VPNs don’t need to be encrypted and it can’t even hide your traffic. But it can only change who sees it. There are many great VPNs that also encrypt your internet traffic and hide your identity. As well as allow you to browse the web privately and access all of its content.

However WARP is not such a VPN and it does not work like a conventional VPN.

How does WARP work?

WARP is a VPN that does not hide your original IP address (where your location is or who you are) but encrypts your Internet traffic and uses Cloudflare’s own DNS server. WARP has also rolled out in the app. And this application protects your DNS requests from being “sniffed” from any of your local and unsecured networks. For example: the WE Wifi router can use for free in Delhi and while the WARP app is activate it is a VPN encryption on your internet connection. Adds layers, allowing you to browse unsecured networks in a secure way.

In the manner described above, the WARP application works. But if you want to hide your location and identity and travel around the internet, then this app is not for you. Moreover, Cloudflare does not claim that this app hides your location and identity. And even its Terms of Service (TOS) state that the WARP app reports your real IP address (which your ISP gave you) to the Cloudflare server or Saving. Cloudflare also said that they keep this data for two years and do not sell any data.

WARP Plus You can use WARP for free, but Cloudflare also offers you a premium package called WARP +. This WARP + Premium version offers all the features of the free version as well as an additional Handy Premium feature. And that is, your requests on the Internet sent through Cloudflare’s network so all your information is secure.

And this feature is known as Argo Smart Routing, and WARP + ensures that whatever you don’t want to see on the Internet is not slowed down by the extra traffic. Fees for WARP + Premium vary slightly depending on your location, and Cloudflare says this is do to make sure it matches the Big Mac.

If you want to hide your IP or change your Internet usage, Cloudflare’s WARP is not the right solution for you. Instead, you can use the DNS provided by your ISP by default or any other VPN with Google’s DNS server. Moreover, if you search the internet, you will find many VPNs from which you can use the VPN of your choice. But keep in mind that many VPNs collect your personal data. Since using WARP is much more secure.

How to use WARP

To download this app from Google Play Store or App Store, first search by typing Faster & Safer Internet in the search bar or click this link to download directly from Play Store or click this link to download this app from App Store. Once you have finished downloading and installing, open the app.

Step 1: To connect the WARP app, click on the button shown in the image below.

Step 2: After clicking on the Connect button you will see a new interface on the skin, click on the Install VPN Profile button at the very bottom of that interface. If you want to understand better, look at the picture below.

And it’s  connected, now safely lost in the world of secure internet instantly.

Should we use WARP?

Now the question is should we use WARP? Because the main concern for any VPN service is its privacy. How much WARP respects your privacy is also a matter of observation. I am telling you the experience that I have been using for some time.

First is a service from WARP Cloudflare. So we can be sure enough. WARP does no harm in using the internet and no matter what you read on the internet, it does nothing bad. Rather, it makes your internet secure and fast.

But Cloudflare is not a “VPN” and not a “VPN”, it confuses users a little at first and it seems like the first confusing to me too. However, since this is a completely new technology, it can be a little difficult to understand at first. However, in order for you to have a complete idea about WARP, I am trying to figure out how Cloudflare is working after joining WARP, what WARP has to offer in this tune, I don’t know how much I have been able to do. I left it to your discretion.We already know what DNS key or DNS does and how nameservers or encryption work.

You should not have any confusion about this. And so using WARP you can be sure that you will get extra security while using your internet. However, I have already said that this app will not give you any service that can hide your location or identity. However, you can easily secure your privacy through this app. If you are a more power user, you must read the terms and services of the app before pressing the OK button.

I believe the WARP app will be a great help in your daily internet browsing and privacy protection. Also before my tune maybe many people are using this app and I think you are getting good service from this app. Until today, we will meet again in the next tune.

Share my tunes on all social media by clicking the share button. Learn technology yourself and learn about other technologies through us. And Stay with us for more update info.

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